Become a Professional Business Coach, help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners 

Become a Professional Business Coach

Help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners GROW 

With COVID19 Business Owners Need Your Help more than ever

Get Proven Processes and Coaching Systems

Changing the lives of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

We are here to help you...

Today, more than ever before, the world needs people who love what they do. Finding a career with purpose is everyone’s’ goal but few ever find it. The corporate roller coaster leaves many hopes dashed nowadays. One day you have a job, the next day, poof. Unemployment. You have no control, no real command of your future because you are relying on others to move you forward.

Isn’t it time you believed in yourself and live the life you have always dreamed of?

It’s time to make the most of your future, do work on your own terms and be your own boss. Have financial security and leave a legacy for your family.

Starting a business doesn’t have to be scary. With us you can build a business coaching practice quickly.

Now is the best time to start a career as a Business Coach and make real difference in your community.

With all the complications the COVID 19 pandemic has put on small business, those owners need advocates, counselors and professional who can help them salvage their dreams and continue to thrive. Business coaching services have never been in more demand and you can start your own business while giving back to the segment of the economy that needs you now so desperately.

You don’t need fancy offices or a huge start up budget. You can work virtually anywhere and serve you clients in a variety of ways. You decide when, how and with whom you work.

You are in control. You are the boss.

You are in good hands...

  • We will provide you a step by step Business Coaching System
  • ​We will provide you Mindset Training to secure your Success
  • ​You will learn our system and be confident to Get Clients and Get them RESULTS
  • ​We are not a Franchise Model so you keep everything you make
  • We live in a Global World and you will learn to acquire Clients anywere

We teach you the full stack...

Most business coaching providers teach you some skills related to coaching. But in order to succeed in the modern world as a Business Coach you need to learn the Full Stack and that´s what we teach you.
Success does not happen by accident. This is something
that can be learnt.
You will learn The Science of Success and how to apply it
to your own Business Coaching Practice

Learn everything and conquer the world

Business Coaching Skills

You will learn and practice the best business coaching skills to help your clients move forward and get results

Business Fundamentals

Not all coaches are the same, you will be unique, we will help you pick a niche and develop your unique offer for them

Mindset Mastery

We need to prepare you with the habits, emotions and behaviors for success, this is the most important skill for growth 

Product Development

You will learn to design and deliver a differentiated product that your customers will love.

Problem Solving

You will learn how to think clearly and solve problems which could seem impossible before learning this skill

Lead Generation

In order to grow your Business Coaching practice you need to master how to get qualified leads every single day like clockwork

Message Domination

You will learn how to communicate with your audience in a very deeply way mastering your message by speaking their language

Enrollment Mastery

Forget the old way of selling and master the new enrollment era where you take as a client only those who meet your criteria

Scaling and Automation

It´s time to GROW, put the systems on autopilot and scale with automation with a predictable client acquisition process.

Hear what some of our Clients have to say..

Why Ology Coach?
I´m Edgar Ramirez, I founded Ology Coach in 2010. Since then I have trained hundreds of new Professional Business Coaches all over the world who have transformed their lives  and their clients´ lives as well creating and impact and a great contribution to the world. 

Are you ready to become a Professional Business Coach and make that contribution?

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